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Vrindavan Balavihar Houses

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Contests :

 Shlokathon - March 20th Art Fundraiser Nov - May   Geeta Nov - Apr
 Essay Contest Feb 28th  Likhita Japa Nov - Apr

 Storytelling Contest - Jan 16

Baking Contest March 1st    


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More than 140 children participated in the Shlokathon held over zoom this year. Bajrangi's Bolts took the top score in the Shlokathon also followed closely by Arjuna's Arrows. Many children recited multiple shlokas to earn a lot of points for their House. The following children scored more than 200 points each - many of them chanted either the Vishnu Sahasranamam or Lalitha Sahasranamam as well. Our hearty appreciation to all the children and the parents and teachers who trained them. 👏