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Our patrons can sponsor a variety of recurring events to their favorite deities. Please click on the sponsor button to be taken to relevant page for making your selections. Please note that you will need a register yourself in the next screen. Starting March, we will be able store all your family sankalpa details and that can be used to populate any other services you sponsor in the future.

Sponsorship Options:

Category  Description  Price Sponsorship Link
Abhishekam  Annual Abhishekam sponsorship for one deity once a week $501
Annual Abhishekam sponsorship for all deities every week including special events  $3,501
Homam  Annual Homam sponsorship for one homam once a week $501
Annual Homam sponsorship for all homams every week including special events $3,501
Others  Sankatahara Chaturthi -  Annual sponsorship for Lord Ganapathi pooja & abhishekam on Sankatahara chaturthi days $251
Pradosham - Annual sponsorship (Lord Shiva Abhishekam and pooja on Pradosham days) $251
Temple Expenses Flowers and Fruits - Daily or Festival days $31-$51
Flowers and Fruits - Annual $1001
One Day Temple Kainkaryam - Daily or Festival days $108-$151


 Please allow 1 week to process your sponsorships for yearly items