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Vrindavan Balavihar Houses

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Gallery : 2021 

House Inaugural on Oct 29th and Oct 31st

8th-12th graders were put in breakout rooms based on their House - they were given the Game of Dice scene in the Mahabharata and asked to come up with responses in the form of Tweets by the characters from the story - which they then presented as a TV Newsdesk would with commentary! Click here for the Videos of the presentations by 8th-12th graders!

Kindergarten - 7th Grade had a quiz based on ancient maps of India from Ramayana/Mahabharata times to recent times - See below for some pictures from their activity. PreK/Toddlers had their own set of activities in class.

  • Fri_Gr_2.jpeg
  • Fri_Gr_6-2.jpeg
  • Fri_Gr_6-3.jpeg
  • Fri_Gr_6.jpeg
  • Inaugural_PreK1.jpeg
  • Inaugural_PreK2.jpeg
  • Sun_AM_Gr4-2.jpeg
  • Sun_AM_Gr_1-2.jpeg
  • Sun_AM_Gr_1.jpeg
  • Sun_AM_Gr_2.jpeg
  • Sun_AM_Gr_4.jpeg
  • Sun_AM_Gr_6.jpeg
  • Sun_AM_KG-2.jpeg
  • Sun_AM_KG.jpeg
  • Sun_AM_KG_3.jpeg
  • Sun_AM_Prek.jpeg
  • Sun_AM_PreK_2.jpeg
  • Sun_PM_Gr_2.jpeg
  • Sun_PM_Gr_4.jpeg
  • Sun__AM_Gr_3.jpeg


Gallery : 2020

House Inaugural on Oct 30th and Nov 1st


Story Telling and Sankaranti Program


House Spirit Day 2021