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Chinmaya Swaranjali is a group of talented youth musicians selected from among our balavihar students by an audition to sing bhajans at various Balavihar/ashram events.Mentored and coached by  adult Chinmaya sevaks,the children have helped create bhakti bhava among audiences prior to Swamiji's discourses on Vedanta,and at various festivals.The group meets on Sundays to practice from 11.15 A.M to 12.15 P.M (currently on Zoom ) on all Sundays that balavihar is in session.Drawing on the beauty of devotional poetry in various Indian languages,the children have touched hearts with their renditions of Mirabai,Namdev,Kabir,Narsin Mehta.Both vocalists and instrumentalists with some form of classical training are welcome.

What we provide- sevaks with a large repository of bhajans. What we ask for-the students' regular attendance and practice of songs taught to be able to sing confidently and with feeling as one voice.

Swaranjali Sevaks :

Kannan Raghavan

Uma Shankar

Subha Srinivasan

Contact Email :