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Vrindavan Balavihar Houses

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Upcoming Events for Year 2022-23:


1. Oct 28/30 weekend - House Inaugural Assembly - Completed

All children walked into the House Assembly waving flags of their House color and their House cheer. After singing the House Bhajan, there was a small team activity based on the theme for this year Bhakti! All houses were given 4 picture puzzles of devotees of their House Deity and had to work together to quickly finish and put it up on a poster board. The House captains had to unscramble a short paragraph about the Devotee and then read it in the Assembly. Children had fun working together. House Contests were then announced including the new Bhajanotsav contest in April 2023.

2. Jan 28th 2023 (Tentative) - Story Telling Contest

3. Feb 24/26 2023 - House Spirit Day

4. Mar 18th 2023 (Tentative) - Shlokathon

5. Apr 29th 2023 (Tentative) - Bhajan Utsav

6. May 6th 2023 (Balavihar Family Picnic/Field Day)




Upcoming Events :


March 12th – Shlokathon


Art Fundraiser – Ongoing from Nov’ 21 – May’ 22


Likhita Japa – Ongoing from Nov’ 21 – Apr’ 22



Feb 11th / Feb 13th – House Spirit Day. Kids wear your House colors. All parents are invited to join the Assembly 30 min before the end of the session.


Jan 29th – Storytelling Contest


Oct 29th/31st – House Inaugural Assembly