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Chapter3 Hdr

Hari OM!

Welcome to Karma yoga, Chapter 3 of Bhagavad Gītā, the topic of study and sādhana this year.  

Karma-Yoga begins with Arjuna's confession that he is confused by the various paths outlined by Lord Krishna to perfect oneself, and requests Lord Krishna to explain to him in clear terms one path by which he may attain the Highest. Lord Krishna, a compassionate friend and teacher, propounds the path of Action in depth to Arjuna. 

Lord Krishna explains that, bound by their inherent nature, all living beings engage in performing worldly tasks. Superior are those that perform one's worldly duties diligently with no material attachment but in a spirit of sacrifice, and for the welfare of the society. 

Chapter 3 Lyrics:     Sanskrit      English      Sanskrit & English side-by-side

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Chapter 3 - Chanted by Swami Shantananda-Ji

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Gītā Chanting Yajna 2023 Regionals competitions shall be held in the various Chinmaya centers in the TriState Area. This event is open to all. Please refer to the flyer below for verse assignment for grades and the list of participating centers.

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CNJ Gita Chanting Yagjna Chapter3 Flyer



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