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1. Do I need to know Sanskrit?
No. We will read only the English commentary. Audio will be played for the Sanskrit verses so no knowledge of Sanskrit is required.
2. What happens if I miss a class?
The greatest benefit from this resolution will be the discipline of sticking to the daily commitment. However, if you are unable to join on some days, you can plan to read those pages on your own before the next session!
3. How often will there be sessions with Swami Shantananda ji?
We encourage you to write down all your questions as and when they arise when reading the book and share it with your coordinator. We will arrange for a 1 hour long Q & A session with Swami Shantananda ji approximately once a month on a weekend.
4. Where can I get the physical copy of the book?
If you would like to get a physical copy of the book you can get one online from
from the Chinmaya Vrindavan Ashram (95 Cranbury Neck Rd, NJ 08512) - the Bookstore will be open during the temple hours on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 
5. Where can I get the online copy of the book?
6. How long will it take to complete the book?
We cannot give a definite end date but it will probably be next March by the time we complete reading the Holy Geeta once.
7. What if I don't know the Shlokas being chanted?
Shloka script and audio will be shared on screen and you can follow along.
8. Are the morning sessions and evening sessions different?
No. The morning and evening sessions will be the same. People can choose the session that is convenient for them.
9. I have registered but I have not received any communication still. What should I do?
Emails with links to the WhatsApp group are being sent in batches and have been sent to everyone who had registered as of Jan 5th. If you register after Jan 5th, you will get it by the next day. If you registered early and have not got it please check your spam folder first. If it is not there, it is possible you have made a typo when you entered your email address. In that case, please send us an email to and we will send you the email.