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Vrindavan Balavihar Houses

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  • 1 lakh times Rama Nama Likhita Japa Yajna

    UPDATE AS OF April 21st:

    By Bhagavan Sri Ramachandra ji's Grace, we have surpassed our original goal of 100,008 times - Our total count is 252165. Jai Shree Ram! We thank everyone who participated in this Yajna. If you get a chance to visit the Ashram, please drop off the Likhita Japa notebook/Papers in the box on top of the bookstore counter along with a token donation. The Likhita Japa will be placed under the Murthis of the Sri Rama Parivar in the temple.




    NOTE: You have to register only once. Thereafter please save the email you get from Google forms and then say Edit Response to update your total count everyday! Thank You.

    UPDATE :By the Grace of Bhagavan Sri Ramachandra ji, we have reached our target of 100,008. We are so close to 200,008 so we request you all to continue writing and update your count as well! Thank You!

    TOTAL COUNT AS OF 12PM 8th April : 184,000

    Click here to register and join in this Likhita Japa Yajna. You can choose to write how many ever times you can. Please update your count regularly between March 26th and April 09 by saving the google form response. Together we hope to write 100,000 times before this Sri Rama Navami on April 10th. You can drop off the Likhita Japa at the Chinmaya Vrindavan Ashram on April 10th or later with a token donation. 

    Rama Navami Likitha Japa Yajna 2022

  • Art Contests

    Art 2021

  • Baking Contest - April 30, 2022


    We had such amazing entries yesterday (April 30th 2022) for our Baking Contest! Such a variety of baked goodies which were not only flavorful but also visually very appealing! We have a lot of talent among our Balavihar children!! We thank everyone for sharing their yummy creations with us - it was distributed to all the little children who came to pick up the Geeta Chanting medals. Brown and White Coffee Photo Collage
    While all of them will receive a participation prize, our judges have picked the ones they felt were outstanding -
    1st Place - Indian tea cookies - Srinidhi Badrinath - 8th gr - Durga's Daredevils
    2nd Place - Eggless Lemon Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting - Maitreyi Shrinivas - 10th grade - Durga's Daredevils
    There was a tie for 3rd place -
    3rd Place - Lemon Scones - Aarna Kuchibhotla - 6th gr - Durga's Daredevils
    3rd Place - Triple Chocolate Brownie with Raspberry - Samhita Kuroodi - 10th gr - Durga's Daredevils









    More details to follow....

    Baking Flyer

    More details to follow...

  • Likhita Japa

    Likhita Japa

  • Shloka Classes
  • Shlokathon Results - March 12, 2022


    Page Updated on 03/21/22

    With God's and Gurudev's Grace and our Swamiji's blessings, the Shlokathon event was conducted successfully on March 12th over zoom. More than 120 children participated enthusiastically and chanted with devotion. Arjuna's Arrows took the lead in the event followed by Bajrangi's Bolts! Hearty Congratulations to all the children who participated. You can check your House Points here. Here is the final tally Housewise! Continue chanting the shlokas you have memorized and learn new ones to chant in the next Shlokathon event.

    Shlokathon 2022 House Points




    Shlokathon Registration closes on March 4th. The event will be held virtually from 1pm-4pm over zoom on March 12th. Please click here to register. Children will be expected to chant the shlokas from memory. For longer shlokas, it is acceptable for children to chant as many as they have memorized. All children will get participation prizes and earn House Points.


    Final slide BV Houses Inaugural CV website


    If you need the script for the Shlokas please click on the image below and then click on the particular shloka. Most shlokas are available in the My Prayers book or the Chinmaya Book of Hymns. 

    Shloka Details


  • Storytelling - Jan 29, 2022


    Updated on 3/3/2022

    Congratulations to all the participants! All of you are winners! Judges had a tough time deciding the top performers. 



     House Standings after the Storytelling Contest:


    VrindavanHousePoints 02102022





    An email has been sent to all those who have registered. Please respond with the story that your child will be sharing! They can dress up and use props as well to enhance their storytelling! The event will be on Zoom from 4.30pm-6.30pm on Saturday. Those who haven't registered yet, you can do it here.

    storytelling Oratorical contest flyer 2021 22