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Chinmaya Vrindavan - Together for a better world

Provides individuals from any background, the universal wisdom of Vedanta and the practical means for personal growth and development, enabling them to become positive contributors to society..

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Balavihar: Classes for children

Bala Vihar classes provide spiritual and cultural orientation to children of the modern age. Bala Vihar provides children an atmosphere to grow with noble ideals and fulfill their potential.

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Gurudev said Swara to Ishwara and Nartana to Paramatman. .

Preserving and enriching the arts, passing it down to the next generation and creating spaces where artistic expression becomes a sacred offering- these guiding factors shape the various concerts held in the ashram. Vocal, instrumental music, Harikatha, classical dances all find space on our concert calendar.

Temple Activities .

Beautiful Radha Krishna, Majestic Ganapathi, Serene Dakshinamurthi and Resplendent Hanuman grace this temple aptly named Chinmaya Vrindavan. Poojas, homams, various Hindu festivals are joyously observed in the temple.The sacred presence of the deities quietens the minds of seekers and helps them look inward and find temple like silence within their hearts and minds.

Current Programs and Happenings

Recent and Regular Programs

Chinmaya Quotes

Chinmaya Quotes