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Contests, Games, and Talks based on Geeta


Chapter Selection

  • Chapter 18 chanting contest – Geeta chapters 18 (Verses 1 – 78)
  • Six chapters/ShaTkam chanting contest – Geeta Chapters 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 & 18
Description Every Chapter 18 Chanting contest participant shall be asked to spin a Wheel. Depending on where the wheel stops, a prompt for a verse in the selected chapter shall be announced to the participant; the challenge is to recollect and chant the prompted verse and the subsequent two verses quickly and accurately. Each participant shall get to spin the wheel four times. The score shall be mainly based on the ability to recollect and chant the verses accurately.
Six Chapter Chanting contest participants will be asked to start from any verse in one of the six chapters and go on chanting until asked to stop. More details regarding the format of this contest will be published later.
Timing: 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM 
Chapter 18 Contest Participants will be assigned a one hour time-slot. However the ShaTkam Contest Participants are required to be present during the entire duration of this Contest.


  • Group 1: Kids in Grades 1 – 5
  • Group 2: Kids in Grades 6 – 12
Registration REQUIRED. Participants can register for either the Chapter 18 or six chapters (shatkam) chanting contest.
Prizes Cash Prizes for First, Second, and, third place winners in each group shall be awarded.


There shall be 5 Rounds of multiple choice questions from the categories specified below. Every team shall get 5 questions. Points assigned for the questions shall be based on the difficulty level.
This will be followed by the Visual Clue round. In this round, each team has to identify the verse from the pictorial/text clue. For the Final Visual clue, each team shall wage points along with their answer, ranging from zero to their total scored points. Top Three Teams with the highest scores shall win Cash Prizes.


  • Geeta Trivia I
  • Chapter 18 Vocabulary
  • Geeta Trivia II
  • Mahabharata Trivia (Yaksha Prashna)
  • Guna Challenge (Chapters:14,17,18)

Visual Clue Round:

Identify the Verse and Chapter from the given Pictorial or Text Clues (Chapter: 18)

Eligibility * Kids in Grades 6 – 12, Team Size: 2 Eligible Participants

Prelims  A Kahoot Game show will be hosted at 11 AM to select Four Teams from all the registered teams. These Four teams will take part in the Final Geeta Kreeda, Game Show.

Gameshow Timing: 2:30 PM – 3:15 PM 

Registration Required, both team members have to register separately, and specify their Team mate’s Full Name.

Prizes Cash Prizes for First, Second, and Third place teams shall be awarded.

Learning Resources/References Please note that these study guides provide basic information that the participant needs to know. Participants are required to research other sources of information besides the study guides provided to prepare for the game-show.



Each participant shall be asked to talk on a set of verses specified below, in English, from Chapter 18 of Bhagavad Geeta. Participants can choose any one of the suggested set of verses assigned to their group. The time duration of the talk should be under 3 minutes. The Judge Panel might ask one, or, two questions, at the end of the talk. The talk shall be evaluated based on: 1) Speech organization 2) Content (meaningfulness, relevance to the topic) 3) Delivery (clarity, responding to Questions)


  • Group 1: Grades 9 – 12
  • Group 2: Adults, CHYKs

Selected Verses

  • Chapter 18: Verses 47, 48 (Group 1)
  • Chapter 18: Verses 61, 62 (Group 2)
  • Chapter 18: Verses 65, 66 (Group 2)
  • Chapter 18: Verse 78 (Group 1 & Group 2)

Registration REQUIRED.

Prizes Cash Prizes for Best Speakers shall be awarded.


Please listen to Swami TejomayanandaJi’s Talks on Chapter 18 to understand the meaning of the selected verses:


Description The poem should be based on the essence of Chapter 18 of Bhagavad Geeta. Demonstrate your creative writing skills! The poem has to be at least 15 lines long and should not exceed 20 lines. The poem must be written in English. Please include a title for the poem.

Poem should be based on the essence of the message conveyed in the verses specified below:

  • Verses 41 – 48 (Kids Groups: Grades: 3 – 5; Grades: 6 – 12)
  • Verse 66 or Verse 78 (Adults)


  • Group 1: Kids in Grades 3 – 5
  • Group 2: Kids in Grades 6 – 12
  • Group 3: CHYKS/Adults

Registration REQUIRED


  • Online submission must be emailed before May 11, 2019 10 PM EST. (Deadline has been extended)
  • Send an email to, with the subject: GEETOTSAVAM-POETRYCONTEST-2019, attaching the poem in a pdf file-format and editable document file-format, sent from the same email that was specified during registration. Please specify your Name, grade, center, and title of the poem in the email body.
  • Do not specify your name in the document
  • Please have 1″ margin all around in the document. Please test printing the pdf before you email it
  • Please include the Title of the poem in the document
  • Recommended Font family: Times New Roman, Font Size 12

Qualified poems will be presented and displayed during the Event.

Prizes Cash Prizes for First, Second, and, third place poems in each group shall be awarded.



Description The artwork or graphic should represent the theme provided for the age group, as specified below. Get in touch with your creative Self! Graphic submission in any medium is welcome; Poster Board, Painting/Drawing in canvas, paper or digital format, Collage, and Board Game are few suggested options.

Eligibility & Theme

  • Kids in Grades 6 – 12 Theme: Verse #66 [sarva dharmaan parityajya ..], or, Verse #78 [ yatra yogeshvaraH …. ]
  • Kids in Grades 3 – 5  Theme: Surrender to the Lord, Take refuge in God, Lay your ego flat on the ground

Note: Kids are free to explore the suggested theme or concept and express as he or she visualizes. Artwork can be based on any character, story or scene from the Indian Epics or Purana-s, including but not restricted to Bhagavad Geeta.

Registration REQUIRED.
  • Poster Boards, Paintings and Drawings in paper or canvas, and other 3D artwork have to be physically dropped in one of the Chinmaya Centers between May 10, 2019 – May 13, 2019.  In the case of digital graphics, please submit a printed copy of the artwork.
  • Artwork dimensions can not exceed 14″ in width or height.
  • Please affix a label with your Name, Grade, and Center in the backside of the artwork, and in the enclosing envelope.

Please work with the Chinmaya center’s Geeta Chanting Yajna Co-ordinator to schedule the drop-off. Qualified ARTWORK will be displayed during the Event.

Evaluation Criteria The art submissions shall be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Theme Representation (How well the specified theme is portrayed in the artwork)
  2. Originality and Creativity
  3. Technical Skills (Differs based on the medium)
    • Color co-ordination
    • Use and Integration of Texts/Fonts with Imagery
    • Integration of Types
    • Composition of the various elements/Layout
  4. Overall Presentation (Choice of materials, Attention to details, etc.)
Cash Prizes to First Place, Second Place, and Third place ARTWORK in various categories shall be awarded.


Please email if you have any questions regarding any of the Geeta Contests. Please contact the Geeta Chanting Co-ordinator of the nearest Chinmaya Center, if you have any questions.

Cultural Programs

Fancy Dress Show


Dress up as any character from Hindu Epics/Puranas, or as a Sage/Saint. Tell a sentence explaining your character.


* Kids in Grade 5 or below. Teams of related characters like Radha & Krishna, Krishna and Balarama, etc. are allowed. Register each character separately.



Participation Prize for all registered participants shall be awarded.

Music Performances

Swaranjali groups from various Chinmaya Centers shall be performing on stage with melodious bhajans and songs.