Hari OM! Welcome to Chinmaya Mission TriState Center’s Bhagavad Geeta Study. Chapter 1 of Bhagavad Geeta shall be the topic of study this year. Chapter 1 describes the scene at the start of the Mahabharata war: the famous warriors assembled in both the wings, and the anxiety of Arjuna at the sight of his family, friends and teachers, in the mighty Kaurava army. It thus sets the background for Geetopadesham, the Krishna Cure for the Arjuna disease. It is this poignant setting at the start of the battle: the mental confusions and suffering caused by one’s incorrect identification, that makes Bhagavad Geeta a practical instruction manual for our everyday lives. Let us all chant and study Arjuna-vishada-yogah.
Chapter 1 Lyrics:    Sanskrit     English
Audio: Online Learning Tool  
Additional Audio References:  (Chanted by Swami Shantananda-Ji)

Please refer to these audios for the chapter Opening,  Partial chapter conclusion and Full chapter conclusion to be chanted in the event.

Please listen to the following verse audios for enhancements to the reference audio: Verse #4Verse #33Verse #36
Reference Documents:

Geeta Chanting Yajna Events:
Geeta Chanting Yajna 2020 Regionals competitions shall be held in the various Chinmaya centers in the TriState Area. This event is open to all. Please refer to the flyer below for verse assignment for grades and the list of participating centers. A participant can only participate in one of the Regionals competitions.
2020 Regionals:

CNJ Regionals:  March 28, 2020 @ Chinmaya Vrindavan

Please click here to register for CNJ Regionals.
Online registration will be open until March 22, 2020 6:00 PM EDT.

BBNJ Regionals:  April 18, 2020
CT Regionals:  March 29, 2020
NY Regionals:  April 19, 2020
 Tri-State Finals:
Best performers from all the four Regionals will be eligible to participate in the Finals chanting competition that shall be held in Chinmaya Vrindavan on May 2, 2020.
If you have any questions or comments please email gcinfocmtc@gmail.com, or reach out to the Geeta Chanting
Yajna Co-ordinator of the nearest Chinmaya Center.