Geeta Chanting Yajna

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Chapter 18 is the concluding chapter and the essence of the entire Bhagavad Geeta.
We will be learning this chapter over a period of two years in the Chinmaya Mission Centers in the Tri-State Area. In the first year we will be learning to chant verses: 1 to 40. Please see Flyer below for the verses assigned to each grade/group.
Chapter 18 Lyrics:    Sanskrit     English
Audio: Online Learning Tool  

BrahmanandaJi’s Chanting: Chapter 18 Reference Audio

The above Reference Audio requires few corrections and it is mandatory that participants listen to the following audio files: 

Reference Documents:

 Tri-State Regionals Events:

A participant is allowed to participate in one Regionals Event only!

CNJ Regionals:
We thank all the participants for taking part in the event held on April 7, 2018 at Chinmaya Vrindavan.
Check CNJ Regionals Results
Please visit these center’s website to register in their Regionals.
BBNJ Regionals:  April 7, 2018
PA Regionals:  April 21, 2018
CT Regionals:  April 8, 2018
NY Regionals:  April 8, 2018
 Tri-State Finals: April 28, 20189 AM – 4 PM

Excellent Performers from all Regionals Events participated in the Finals Competition held at Chinmaya Vrindavan.
Geeta Chanting Yajna - Chapter 18 - Part 1
If you have any questions or comments please email, or reach out to the Geeta Chanting Yajna Co-ordinator of the nearest Chinmaya Center.