Chapter 18 Lyrics:    Sanskrit     English
Chapter 18 is the concluding chapter and the essence of the entire Bhagavad Geeta.
We will be learning this chapter over a period of two years in the Chinmaya Mission Centers in the Tri-State Area. In this second year of Chapter 18 we will be learning to chant verses: 41 to 78. Please see Flyer below for the verses assigned to each grade/group.
Chapter 18 Lyrics:    Sanskrit     English
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The above Reference Audios require few corrections and it is mandatory that participants listen to the following audio files:

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Tri-State Regionals Events:

     Note: A participant is allowed to participate in one Regionals Event only. Registration cannot be transferred from one center to another.

CNJ Regionals Results:   
Please visit the website of the following Chinmaya centers in the TriState Area to register in their Regionals.
BBNJ Regionals:  March 30, 2019 (Venue: Chinmaya Ramdoot)
   PA Regionals:  April 27, 2019  (Venue: Chinmaya Madhuvan)
   CT Regionals:April 7, 2019  (Venue: Chinmaya Saraswati)
   NY LI Regionals:  April 27, 2019 . (Venue: NY Long Island Center)



If you have any questions or comments please email, or reach out to the Geeta Chanting Yajna Co-ordinator of the nearest Chinmaya Center.